Audience writing after viewing War Is Over…

war is over

ready ok go
go on go on
beat the incarnations
out of me
fight me lose me
i’m defending now
depends who you ask
sometimes it’s all right
sometimes it’s all night
we’re the enemy
the piston
we’re the centipede
you’re the mirror
hey hey i can take it
we’re adoramouses wrestling now
my hood is a massacre
my hood is the common denominator
i ought to grovel a little i know
but i’m just a weed under a wheel
many many candles
have been lit for this cause
but we’re always lighting candles for something
the light reveals a bit more of the problem
you’re not going to let me do that again are you
underestimate myself
i’m tired of going all city
all devil on you
i got things to do
i’m shaking up the world again
it’s laughing crying
the neon is hysterical
you want to see yourself
you want to know what
put em up
you &me
i ain’t making it up
i’m a superhero
you turning on me
ain’t i sad for hanging in there
you know i can take your soul away
but i’m fighting fair now see
this is about me &you
i don’t want to be the shadow anymore
comm’on hit me
we’re made of the same stuff
we’re traveling together now
o the pain in my teeth
i’m taking that with

&the edge yeah
i’m taking that too

A K Mimi Allin